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About Us

Kerton Lumber has been a family-owned business since 1952 when great grandpa Lee Kerton began trucking in lumber and selling it on the corner. Now over fifty years later, three of Lee's grandchildren own the store and it has evolved to a full True Value hardware and lumber store. We're here to help you with all of your projects, 'honey-do' lists, creations and repairs. With a personable as well as knowledgeable and experienced staff, you simply can't go wrong! Let our family help you build your home, because we know that it's a home that can help build a family. 

Today, we still maintain our fundamental values. Everyone knows our owners: Ray, Rob and Marilyn. They can all do anything in the store, but you'll usually find Ray out in the yard working on deliveries and Rob at the counter sketching out decks and barns. Marilyn's in the office for most of the day, and as the sign says, 'nobody gets in to see the Wizard, not nobody not no how"--well, unless you ask politely. Just a quick bio of the rest of the staff:

You've all probably heard Nicole and Anita's 'harmless bantering' at the counter, until mom (aka Marilyn) has to take control; or seen Chuck, Dave and Jim cracking jokes amongst themselves. Bernie and Tom are our two gentlemen who drive around town with deliveries and Travis and Lance are our two young guys you'll find out in the yard, giving it their all.

Sure, we're a family store with five Kerton's currently employed, but as all of our customers know, the Kerton Lumber family consists of all eleven employees. Our customer service is more personal than corporate and more comfortable than stoic efficiency. We're a store where we'll call our customers by name (usually even their given name). We're a dog friendly establishment, so friendly that Anita hands out cookies to all of your furry best friends. We also know that when you bring your kids they might get a little restless and uninterested during the trip so we keep a special drawer of candy just for the little princes, princesses, explorers, soccer players--or whoever you might have with you (and yes we're pretty good at keeping Bernie from stealing out of the drawer).


This store is so much more than a lumberyard. Inside we've got hardware, all sorts of craft supplies, cleaning supplies, sunglasses, gloves, chips, candy, pop and of course a section devoted to decorative knick-knacks--what we call our 'pretties'.

So drop on by for help with all of your projects, 'honey-do' lists, creations and repairs.


We're here to help, with a pep in our step and a smile in our voice!

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